Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...things are awful quiet around here

So in case you've noticed I haven't been posting much on The Silver Key the last couple days. It's not because I've lost interest or run out of things to say (quite the contrary--in fact, I'm just getting started), or because Gary Gygax's death stunned me to silence (although it did, for a good solid 24 hours), but it's because I'm currently working on an exciting bit of writing for an honest-to-goodness print publication. I want to write it as best as I can in the hopes it gets accepted.

I expect I'll be at this project for at least a couple more days, after which you'll be getting a lot more hot air from The Silver Key.


Falze said...

Oh, you and that Strawberry Shortcake fan-fiction...


Chris said...

Good luck Brian!

Any hints as to what it is?

trollsmyth said...

I was never much of a "metal head" in my youth, though I was the perfect age to be an Iron Maiden fan. I love a few of their songs, but always preferred Metallica, AC/DC, and the "hair bands". I knew a few Iron Maiden songs, and loved a very small number, but found a lot of their stuff just not to my taste.

But now I'm looking back at their music and thinking Iron Maiden must have been the sneakiest education program in the history of the world! A song about the victories and life of Alexander the Great? Beginning their concerts with Churchill's "We shall fight them..." speech, and then jumping into a tune about the RAF's fight against the Luftwaffe in WWII? Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

No wonder the Metal Heads always seemed to be a step ahead in English and history classes.

trollsmyth said...

And, being a putz, I dropped that into the wrong post.

Doh! ;p

Brian Murphy said...

Hey Trollsmyth, don't worry about commenting to the wrong post.

And as for Maiden, yes, you missed out on an opportunity to score a few extra points on those high school history exams. Had you listened, for example, you would have known that:

King Darius the third
Defeated fled Persia
The Scythians fell, by the river Jaxartes
Then Egypt fell, to the Macedon King as well
And the founded the city called Alexandria.

As for the other guys in this thread, I cannot speak lest I jinx myself.