Monday, September 14, 2009

The fall is fun--but very busy

I love the fall. It's got my favorite weather, my favorite scenery (New England in autumn is arguably the most beautiful place on earth), and my favorite holiday (Halloween of course, which gives me an excuse to bust out all manner of disgusting horror films). The fall is also the start of football, my favorite sport.

That said, the fall is also the busiest time of year for me. I went from playing football to covering it for a local newspaper, an enjoyable way for me to earn a few extra bucks. But that also means my time to blog is significantly reduced in the fall. One or maybe two posts a week at The Silver Key is probably all I'll be able to manage, I guess. Sorry in advance for the reduced posting.


Off topic, but thanks to the 17 people who voted on my "Best Robert E. Howard Conan story" poll. Beyond the Black River won with five votes, narrowly edging out Queen of the Black Coast (four votes). I'm not surprised that BtBR won, given that it's a great story. I was pulling for Red Nails, my personal favorite, but this fine, blood-soaked tale of genocidal butchery in the ancient city of Xuchotl garnered only three votes (actually two; one was my own). Ah well, you can't go wrong with any Robert E. Howard.


Eric D. Lehman said...

I heard that. I've got 6 classes, a book tour, and my next book to write. I'm busy!

I didn't know you were in New England - I moved here thirteen years ago and will probably never leave. Those 3 weeks every autumn make it all worth it.

Falze said...

just like the 3 weeks of summer and the 3 weeks of spring :)