Friday, April 6, 2012

Metal Friday: "Light Comes Out Of Black" by Rob Halford and Pantera

Today's edition of Metal Friday features "Light Comes Out of Black," sung by Rob Halford with music/backing vocals provided by Pantera.

Gotta credit my friend Falze for tipping me off to this lesser-known metal gem. I've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor have I any real desire to do so, but had I known it contained this headbanging masterpiece I would have watched it long ago.

Halford recorded "Light Comes Out of Black" in his Fight/solo years, after leaving Judas Priest in 1992 and before rejoining the band in 2003. It's such a pleasant surprise because it sounds so different than anything we're used to hearing from Priest era Halford. I love the heavy, raw crunch of the guitar and bass, so unlike the heavily synthesized Glenn Tipton/K.K. Downing sound. When Phil Anselmo starts backing Halford's vocals around 4:00 in some sort of hellish harmony, and then the pace picks up around 4:22, man, it's a treat. As is the classic Halford scream at the end.

The beat just makes you want to pound a heavy bag, or something. Very visceral. Turn it up loud and enjoy your weekend.


Andy said...

I saw Halford and Fight open for Metallica back in 94 or so. They were very good, although it was peculiar seeing Halford come up on stage wearing a baggy t-shirt and long shorts, mumbling "Hey whassup?" to the crowd after their opening song. It can be hard seeing guys try to makeover their image to appeal to younger fans :)

Brian Murphy said...

But now he's back to wearing a long leather coat with metal studs that looks like it would turn a sword-edge, so all is right with the world :)