Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blind Guardian tonight

Going to see Blind Guardian at the Worcester Palladium tonight. It's my first time and I'm pretty pumped.

It looks like BG is changing up its setlist from night to night, so I'm not entirely sure what they'll be playing, but a few setlists I've seen include "Born in a Mourning Hall," "Nightfall," "Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)", "Lord of the Rings," "Imaginations From the Other Side," "The Bard's Song - In the Forest," and "Valhalla." I'd be psyched to hear those. I'm not so sure about the two opening acts Holy Grail and Seven Kingdoms. Nothing too impressive from what I've heard on Youtube, but cool names though.

I'll post a report later on. If you happen to be there, I'll be the guy with the chain mail hauberk and viking helmet.


Matt Johnsen said...

You definitely want to check out Holy Grail. Their new album is incredible, and they put on a terrific stage show. The singer can headbang and sing perfectly at the same time! Seven Kingdoms aren't really getting their early. In Philly, Holy Grail went on around 8:00.

Eric D. Lehman said...

How was it?

Brian Murphy said...

Hi Eric, full review posted above!

Matt: I liked Holy Grail quite a bit, and this coming from someone who knew nothing about them going in.