Thursday, December 23, 2010

My top five reads of 2010

For my final post of 2010 I thought I would revisit something from my days as a writer for the now-defunct Cimmerian blog: My top 5 reads of the year. Not super-original, I know, but the New Year always seems to bring out the list-maker in me.

Some of these books were new to me and some were old favorites that I revisited, but all are highly recommended.

The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien

As 2010 began I returned to J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium after a span of several years. While reading I wrote a series of blog posts about it over on The Cimmerian (they start here if you’re interested). I was excited at the prospect of revisiting Middle-Earth’s back stories and foundational myths and hoped that The Silmarillion would reward a return voyage.

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Eric D. Lehman said...

Day shall come again!

Next on my list, Eric Brighteyes.

Just reread A Princess of Mars, or rather I listened to it on my Ipod (thanks for the link to the download!) Really good that way - in fact listening to it gave me a better impression of it than the last time I read it. I now must decide whether to plow through the rest of that series, or let it alone as a beautiful standalone. (never read the others)

Atom Kid said...

I'm currently re-reading The Silmarillion and find I like it a lot more than when I originally read it. Although I don't think it was the best book to choose for a seventh grader. It gives you a different outlook on Middle-Earth that you don't get in the Hobbit or LOTR.

Have a Merry Christmas, Brian!

Brian Murphy said...

Hi Eric, I think you'll like Eric Brighteyes. I couldn't believe how fresh and vital it was, even though it's from the late victorian age. Haggard is a wonderful writer.

I listened to a Princess of Mars as well via a free Librivox download. It was a lot of fun that way. I've heard mixed things about the series as a whole. There are a few books that are supposedly better, but others that are worse.

Atom Kid: It certainly does! I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time right around the same time as you, back in middle school, and I remember trying to get through The Silmarillion after that and failing at it. I read bits and pieces but found it difficult and boring. Now of course it's a different story!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, guys.

Gabriele C. said...

Eric Brighteyes sounds like something I should read. I've read some of Haggard's stuff and like it.

Merry Christmas to you.

BTW, is there any chance Black Gate may consider changing their colour (esp. the black background). I like the site but looking at it for more than a minute triggers my migraine and I have to copy/pase anything I want to read.

Anonymous said...

Last post of 2010? Then I look forward to 2011. Keep up the good work!

Brian Murphy said...

Gabriele: I don't have much (or any) sway over at Black Gate, other than having the e-mail address of the site master. I can let him know you're having a problem with the visuals. I suspect they like the black background because it ties into the title of their print magazine, but I can ask.

Thanks Anonymous! Actually that was my last post of 2010 for Black Gate, for whom I write posts every other week. I'll have one more to post here this week on The Silver Key.