Friday, June 22, 2012

Metal Friday Special Edition: Maiden Countdown, "The Clairvoyant"

Continuing my countdown to the Maiden England tour (holy shit--it's only four days away), today I pause to recognize and celebrate the greatness that is "The Clairvoyant," again off Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Here's a great live version from the Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour, circa 1988 or 89, I imagine.

Whenever I hear Steve Harris' bassline something akin to an electric shock courses through my body, then my heart starts to race when Dave Murray plays that familiar riff. That's how much I freaking love this song. It exalts the spirit.

Four days away. I can "Feel the sweat break on my brow" in anticipation.


Falze said...

Gotta love Adrian's bedazzled denim vest with giant white shoulder tassels! I love that dance Bruce is doing in the background at about 0:35, too.

Brian Murphy said...

bedazzled denim vest with giant white shoulder tassels!

I was thinking about wearing mine to the show... is that too much?

Tex said...

" that too much?"


(fan since seeing the video of "Run to the Hills" on MTV in 82)

Falze said...

I'll be disappointed if you don't wear it. Rumored set list:

Holy Smoke
(Blaze Tribute) 2 AM/Como Estais Amigos
Hooks in You
Weekend Warrior
Sun and Steel
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Quest for Fire
38-minute Janick Gers solo
Sun and Steel (reprise)
Public Enema Number One
Back in the Village
Bring Your the Slaughter
When the Wild Wind Blows
Iron Maiden (acoustic)

can't wait!

PS: Alice Cooper will be performing his new album in its entirety - 'Alice Cooper: Slow Jams - The 1990s Park IV'.