Monday, June 25, 2012

Metal Friday Special Edition: Maiden Countdown, "Killers"

Imagine it's 1981 and you're a member of Iron Maiden. Your lead singer, Paul Di'Anno, has just left/been kicked out of the band, and although you've got two well-received albums under your belt, your future is very much in question. In comes a shortish dude with a mullet, Bruce Dickinson, front man for Sampson, to audition for the vacancy.

He launches into a Maiden hallmark, "Killers." The rest is history, as was Di'Anno.

I hope to post a review of tomorrow's show at some point this week. Until then, Up the Irons!

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Tex said...


Four days after this went up and no ones commented on it yet? You kids better be at the concert or something.

The only thing I can say about the audition tape, is that it's like being there at the start of an avalanche--it's big, but it's gonna get bigger, and it's gonna get LOUDER.

(Paul who?)