Friday, December 2, 2022

"Thunder Road," Judas Priest

Point of Entry is not a beloved Judas Priest album. In fact, most view it as a stumbling block in between the off-the-charts iconic brilliance of British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance. A misstep in their career.

I don't share that opinion... but I understand it.

I recognize PoE as oddly out of place, incongruent with what Priest seemed to be building toward. Priest's sound was evolving over the 70s, and the album prior is as pure a metal album as you will find; British Steel is steel purified. The album after, Screaming for Vengeance, is probably their best. In contrast, PoE is far more commercial sounding, thanks to songs like "Heading out to the Highway," "Hot Rockin" and "Don't Go." I like all these, but it's an obvious departure from what fans were expecting, and presages what we'd later see with "Turbo." Vengeance was a return to form.

Nevertheless PoE has some gems on it, and a unique sound that's hard to explain. I love "Desert Plains," and also the underrated "Thunder Road." It's a simple, up-tempo, kick-ass rocker. Just what I need this Metal Friday.

Red light, green light
I'm coming home tonight
Burning the freeway
Out of control

Red light, dead lines
We streak from town to town
It's too much, I need your touch
I've been away too long


Andy said...

I like Point of Entry but it does come across as the band trying to go Van Halen in their sound. More of a happy time party vibe than they're generally known for.

Dana said...

Wait, what? Thunder what? This isn't on the album, it was on the remaster, LOL. I've never heard of it before. Will give it a spin. I always loved the groove of Solar Angels, but like most of this album quite a bit.

Brian Murphy said...

Dana: Yeah I have the remastered CD! Almost forgot Solar Angels, another good one off this album.

Patrick DeLise said...

Thunder Road is a left over track from the Turbo/Ram it Down era. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thunder road is one of my favourite JP songs

Anonymous said...

An awesome song! I wish it got more love