Saturday, January 21, 2023

Top 5 Manowar Songs

Metal Friday is a day late this week but coming in hot, ready to smash your face in with the death tone of amplified guitars and massive hammers of war.

Most metal album cover ever?  Probably.

Manowar is everything I love about sword-and-sorcery and heavy metal, in one glorious Ken Kelly infused package. Badass. Ridiculous. In your face. Muscular. Offensive. Fun. So over the top you’re not sure if it’s all tongue-in-cheek… then realizing it’s not, and then going “holy shit, OK” and leaning into it. Embracing the fact that life need not be cynical, or subtle. That it’s OK to like loud and obnoxious and even dumb things. 

Yes Manowar has a few ridiculous songs … and I love those too.

Here are five guaranteed to raise my testosterone levels to the level of the occupants of a Viking longship circa 9th century AD, and get me ready to fight the world. Whilst eating beef and drinking ale.

Warriors of the World. The first comment on Youtube is I just played this song for my 4 week old son. He’s now 40 and a navy seal. Manowar has this effect, I've seen it. Probably their ultimate anthem.

Hail and Kill. By Divine Right, this one rips.

Fighting the World. I’ve been fighting the world every fucking day for nigh 50 years and will keep doing so… stripes on a tiger don’t wash away.

Master of the Wind. Manowar can do wistful ballads too … infused with mighty power. Manly tears. Might be played at my funeral.  

The Sons of Odin. Love the groove in this one, hits you in the face from the opening beat and never lets up. Sword and axe sound effects. Valhalla I am coming, open the door.  

Honorable mentions: "Mountains," "Carry On" 


Matthew said...

Always like Warriors of the World. Manowar may not have been the most sophisticated heavy metal band but they are rousing.

D.M. Ritzlin said...

1. Hail and Kill
2. Blood of the Kings
3. Dark Avenger
4. Black Wind, Fire and Steel
5. Sign of the Hammer

Leo Ave said...

1. Battle Hymn
2. Hail and Kill
3. Thor (The Powerhead)
4. Blood of My Enemies
5. Secret of Steel

Brian Murphy said...

Nice choices... Hail and Kill is unanimous as it should be, I could have easily slotted Black Wind Fire and Steel and Thor in my list.

Dustin E. said...

I nominate “Heart Of Steel” for unfuckwithable ballad of power.

Brian Murphy said...

Heart of Steel could have easily made the list too.