Saturday, April 13, 2024

Metal spring (and summer) kicking off, plus metal memoir update

This spring and summer I’ve got four bands/five shows on the docket. We get started this Friday with the legendary Judas Priest, touring in support of their killer new album Invincible Shield. Time to break out the denim.

Friday April 19: Judas Priest (with opening act Sabaton), Prudential Center, Newark NJ

Saturday May 11: Blind Guardian, Palladium, Worcester MA

Friday August 2: Metallica, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA

Wednesday, Nov. 6: Iron Maiden, DCU Center, Worcester MA

Saturday Nov. 9: Iron Maiden, Prudential Center, Newark NJ

Coupled with a pair of shows I’ve already seen (tribute bands Foreigner’s Journey and Lotus Land) that’s seven concerts this year. And who knows, I may add one or two yet. Not bad for an old fart.

Are you going to see any of these shows or bands? Which excite you the most? I’m sure I’ll have some after reports here on the blog.


The heavy metal memoir continues. This is easily the most difficult work I’ve attempted … which is not necessarily what I expected when I began. The challenge is trying to tell a well-paced, compelling story, with the right amount of detail and audience applicability. All while avoiding needless details and navel-gazing. I’ve been writing my whole life, but I’ve come to realize that journalism, academic work, and non-fiction are different disciplines altogether than memoir. 

Plus, many of the details of the book are obscured by time and the haze of alcohol.

Not easy, at all.

But I’m pushing, a few times a week, and making progress. I’m working on a second draft now. My goal remains to have it finished by the end of the year.


Ian said...

Looks like a great lineup of shows! I admit I've only been to one metal concert, and that was way back in 2010 (Blind Guardian in Dallas, in case you're wondering). I really do need to go see more.

I look forward to the memoir whenever it comes out! I have my own metal journey, but it's probably not interesting enough to write a book on. That said, your blog has played an integral part in it. I actually first discovered you through your post on your top metal vocalists. It also happened I was getting into fantasy at the time, though metal and fantasy are so inextricably linked it's not surprising. Anyway, I remain a metalhead to this day, and show it with pride whenever I can. In fact, I'm wearing a Helloween shirt as I type this. Keep on rocking!

Dana said...

Err....Invincible Shield ;) Have you checked out Sabaton? You'll probably like them both musically and lyrically.

November in Mansfield?...that doesn't seem right LOL. Bundle up!

Starting to get psyched up for Blind Guardian!

Brian Murphy said...

Dana: I'm ready for the biannual BG concert at the Palladium too! Always a great take. And I made those fixes... doh! Maiden is playing indoors in Worcester in Nov., much more weather appropriate.

I know very little Sabaton, hoping to cram a little more in advance of the show.

Brian Murphy said...

Ian: Honored to have played a part in fostering your love for metal! So cool. Thanks for your faith in the book... I hope my story is interesting enough, too. But I think any life fully lived is a story worth telling.

Keep rocking man.

Matthew said...

Sabaton is a power metal band that mostly sings about military history. I found out about them when listening to music on youtube and you know how it goes from one song to the next. I was half listening to their song Screaming Eagles when I realized suddenly it was about the Battle of the Bulge.

They are not at Priest's standard but few are and they are very good.

Andy said...

I've got tickets to see Maiden in November. I'd like to see Judas Priest again, but they're not coming close enough. I'm not big on road trips to see bands, especially with so many animals that need attention at home.

Scott said...

Hard to beat live Metal! Can't wait for the shows!