Monday, July 27, 2020

Feeling SAD on a Monday? Listen to this

Dangers galore in these old books...
By SAD of course I mean Swords Against Darkness, that awesome 1977 Zebra anthology of sword-and-sorcery edited by Andrew J. Offutt. I got to spend a nice hour+ talking about it with the hosts of the Appendix N Book Club podcast.

The episode is now live. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Here is a sampling of what we covered:

Reading fantasy fiction as a kid, writing about swords and sorcery, second generation sword and sorcery authors, the understated prose of Poul Anderson, O. Henry’s sword and sorcery, multiclass characters, the collected Ryre stories, elves and dwarves in swords and sorcery, sword and planet, and much more!


Matthew said...

Interesting conversation. I've never been a D&D guy, but it was interesting. I haven't read the entire anthology, but I've read various stories in it in other places. A Tale of Hauk is one of Anderson's best. The Kardios story is pretty decent too.

Paul R. McNamee said...


Brian Murphy said...

Thanks Matthew, glad you enjoyed it.