Monday, July 20, 2020

Some recent arrivals

Thanks Amazon!
I'm looking forward to digging into these, in particular My Father The Pornographer, Chris Offutt's memoir of his father Andrew. Though perhaps best known for his work editing the Swords Against Darkness anthologies and as an author of some S&S, horror, and science fiction titles, Andrew Offutt apparently made most of his income writing porn novels under pseudonyms. This purchase was prompted by my recent re-read of Swords Against Darkness for the Appendix N Book Club Podcast.

Happy to support DMR with this purchase of Heroes of Atlantis and Lemuria. I've been slowly adding to my collection of CAS and The End of the Story is a welcome volume.

Finally, The Conan Companion is at first glance and one cursory thumb-through a beautiful book and a detailed publishing history of Conan.

More to come on these later.


Matthew said...

I read all the Kardios stories in Heroes and enjoyed them. They aren't at the same level as the best of Howard and Leiber but they are enjoyable competent stories.

I need to read more CAS.

Brian Murphy said...

Thanks... I have read some but not all of the Kardios stories. Looking forward to those.

And yes, you do need to read more CAS! A "heavy" read with dense language, and not an author whose stories can be quickly burned through, but well worth the effort.

Matthew said...

I don't have much trouble with CAS style actually. I just haven't gotten around to reading all of his work, though I think I have read a good sampling of it.

I actually like books who use rare words like CAS or Jack Vance or Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun. You can actually learn something about language that way.