Sunday, December 10, 2023

One million views, and counting

I passed a quiet milestone a couple weeks ago, of which I was unaware until a recent look at Google analytics data confirmed it.

One million views. 

As of this moment in history the creaky old blog has 1,008,307 views, to be exact.

Not sure what that really means, other than its a big round number. Before you celebrate, this includes bot traffic, one-time visitors that find the blog via image search, etc. Junk traffic.

But also good traffic, returning visitors who have taken some value in what I have to say.

1,000,000 views isn't anything worth celebrating for a website that's going on 16 years. I've never made any attempts to optimize it, monetize, etc. I've gone long stretches without posting. 

But I guess if there is anything to celebrate it's the endurance of the thing.

Of late I haven't been posting nearly as much as I'd like. A long-form non-fiction work in progress has eaten up most of my creative free time. But I have no plans to shutter this bit of cyberspace down, either, unless Google unplugs blogger.

If you've enjoyed the blog over the years thanks for reading. 


Neutral Good Books said...

Count me as a taker of value.
A lot of good reads in these dusty cyberspace archives, very much appreciate your work.
A well earned milestone.

Brian Murphy said...

Thanks Neutral Good Books... I do appreciate that!

Ken said...

Congratulations, Brian.

Brian Murphy said...

Appreciate it dudes!

jason said...

First off, well done.

Thanks for posting.

Brian Murphy said...

Thanks Jason!

Dustin E. said...

Congrats Brian. Keep the content coming. Looking forward to the next project.

Brian Murphy said...

I appreciate that very much, Dustin.

Jenna said...