Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run to the Hills: Bayley back in the news (for his hair)

Somewhere I can hear the singing, "I'm running out of my hair, I'm running out of it..."

I can't rank on Blaze Bayley too much, considering that the photo of his bald spot pre-treatment looks a lot like mine, only smaller. But this ad from Mojo Magazine was too good to pass up. Love the posed hands, as if he were about to invoke some sorcerous power.

Oh, and the sideburns too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, saw this a while back. He actually talked about it a bit when he was on Bruce Dickinson's Friday Rock Show. I love the fact that you've got a rock star who doesn't care to be so open about this sort of thing. I mean yeah, the guy is probably getting some sweet endorsement cash for it, but most stars would have something like a hair transplant done discreetly and then never admit to it afterwards. Especially us guys, who have a tendency to develop big yet fragile egos when it comes to things like hair and weight.

- Matthew

Falze said...

Maybe he's trying to grow some hair on his palms?

Scott said...

Good find Murph, What is he up to these days now that he has hair?

Brian Murphy said...

Hey Scott, I haven't been following Blaze's career but I understand he's put out some solo albums.

Given my hair situation maybe I'll put in a call to Optima. If it's good enough for Blaze, it's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can give you the Blaze update, since I'm apparently his only fan living in the United States.

He just released a new album a month or two back, The Man Who Would Not Die. His solo albums are pretty great overall. I'm a big fan of Silicon Messiah, which expands on some of those man meets machine themes touched on in his Maiden songs like "Futureal".

He also just did a Wolfsbane reunion tour in the UK and parts of Europe, playing gigs with The Wildhearts headlining if I'm not mistaken.